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Exercises with your own weight

This is the way for us to go!

Our main goal is to have fun exercising while doing something beneficial for the environment. We have been practicing calisthenics as such since 2019, when the first outdoor training ground was built in our city. Since then, our bodies adapt to changes and try to catch up with the training pace we set, which is sometimes even 5 times a week. At the moment, we are trying, thanks to our experience, to evaluate the course and thus provide other practitioners with valuable advice and experience.

About us

Who we are

There are more of us, but the solid core can be summed up in these two main actors.

Tomáš Prášek

In my opinion, we should exercise only with our own weight, not strain the joints, not unnecessarily pack large muscles that we do not need for life. 

Motto: Lean & fit

Marek Ježek

I enjoy traveling and keeping fit, calisthenics was a clear choice, it can be done wherever my paths and legs take me.

Motto: Healthy body, healthy mind